Is Painting Aluminum Siding A Bad Idea?


Many Northeast Ohio houses that were integrated in the 60s, 70s and 80s were finished with aluminum siding. House owners were led to believe that the exteriors of their houses would be “upkeep totally free.” If you own a house that was integrated in that period, or if you own a house that was resided during that time, you have no doubt understood that this is not the case. Because of direct exposure to the sun, the majority of aluminum siding starts to end up being “milky” and fades after about 15 years. As soon as this happens, the initial baked-on enamel finish cleans off with heavy rain.

If this describes your house’s exterior, you may be looking for a method to improve its look. Numerous house owners are quick to dismiss the idea of painting their aluminum siding for worry of it cracking right off. But is replacement actually your only alternative?

The Possibilities of Paint

In fact, repainting your aluminum siding is a terrific option if it is done properly. Under typical situations, an appropriately finished task will last upwards of 15 years. Many house owners will power-wash their siding before painting, and this is a vital step. However, the key to a long-lasting task is to hand-scrub the whole outside surface with detergent during this process. Many individuals– even some painting contractors– skip this step because it’s extremely time consuming and needs a great deal of elbow grease, but this single step can make your paint task last approximately four times as long! It is also crucial to note that some companies mix bonding ingredients to the paint prior to applying it, declaring this permits them to skip the power-washing and scrubbing steps completely. At Neubert Painting, we have actually discovered that this service is ineffective because the paint still requires a sound surface area with which to bind.

So why not just change it with a vinyl item? It is much more cost effective to repaint aluminum siding. In fact, refinishing aluminum siding is around one-third the expense of new vinyl siding. Furthermore, vinyl siding is not as “upkeep complimentary” as you might believe. After about 15 years, the vinyl starts to fade and lose its surface. While vinyl siding manufacturers might use a lots or so color options, paint deals almost unlimited color possibilities.

Much better to Hire a Pro?

While it is possible to repaint your aluminum siding on your own, remember that the products and equipment needed to do the task are pricey. This expense, paired with the comprehensive preparation work outside painting needs and the truth that mastering a paint sprayer is more difficult than it looks may make house painting too challenging for the majority of house owners.

If you choose to work with a professional for your siding task, research the professionals that promote this service. Ask for recommendations that extend back at least five years. This will give you a better concept of their workmanship and the durability of their completed tasks. Likewise, contact the Better Business Bureau. An excellent contractor should have an A ranking, or a minimum of will have fixed any problems made against their company. Also, make certain that all job specifics, consisting of products to be utilized, length of time to finish any warranty and the job info, is defined in the agreement. Repainting aluminum siding is a affordable and practical solution. However, getting a professional outcome requires extreme surface preparation, high-quality products and correct execution of the project from start to finish.

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