Insulated Siding FAQ


What is insulated siding?

Insulated siding is essentially vinyl siding with stiff foam insulation that is laminated or completely affixed to the panel. Insulated siding is set up on the exterior of a framework as well as helps in reducing energy loss through framework or other building products.

Does insulated siding make a home more energy efficient and green?

Defined by developers as “eco-friendly”, insulated siding might be made use of to make homes extra eco-friendly. By reducing energy consumption, insulated siding can decrease air contamination. According to manufacturers, insulated siding is manufactured to last greater than half a century possibly minimizing garbage dump contributions. Some items likewise consist of an organic, non-toxic termite and also bug spray. Along with decreasing power intake insulated siding is breathable, permitting water vapor to escape, which can provide protection versus mold, rot and also mold and aid keep healthy and balanced indoor air high quality.

What does it cost to install insulated siding?

Not all insulated vinyl siding is created equivalent. The greater the insulated vinyl siding quality, the much more options, colors and styles are available. The crucial chauffeur in figuring out the cost of the siding is still the dimension of the home. Generally, insulated vinyl siding will certainly cost 20-30% more per square foot than standard vinyl siding.

How long does vinyl siding last?

Short answer: 20-40 years. Insulated vinyl siding is made to hold up against extreme climate condition and also will certainly not buckle under influence of any kind of kind extremely easily. The rigid foam laminated flooring on the back of the panels allow insulated siding to be established symmetrically which assists the panels not collapse at the joints. Similar as typical vinyl siding, insulated siding needs little if any type of upkeep as well as never ever requires painting.

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