Fiber Cement Siding FAQ


What is fiber cement siding and how is it made?

Fiber concrete siding is made from cement, wood fiber (cellulose), sand and various other parts. Fiber cement siding can be manufactured to have the sensible look of stucco, stonework or timber. In appearance, fiber concrete siding most often includes overlapping straight boards mimicking wood siding, clapboard and shingles.

How long does fiber cement siding last?

Fiber concrete siding is said to be more long-lasting than timber, yet does call for some maintenance. It is termite resistant, water-resistant, non-combustible and can be required for as long as half a century. Some fiber concrete siding may be called for to be repainted every 4-5 years relying on the topcoat applied.

Is fiber cement siding environmentally friendly?

Fiber concrete is called an eco-friendly or sustainable choice to conventional vinyl or aluminum siding. If any waste, with its general toughness and low maintenance, demands fiber concrete siding offers little. Some manufacturers are currently utilizing fiber concrete siding made from recycled materials. Is fiber cement siding suitable for all climates? Makers emphasize that fiber cement is appropriate for all climates. Fiber cement siding is water as well as rot-resistant making it ideal for moist as well as hot climates. It also has outstanding weathering attributes, stamina as well as effect resistance making it a fantastic selection for even more rough environments.

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