How to repair rotted wood siding?


Simple answer: replace siding board! You also can try to repair using this short instruction:

Remove any kind of decayed siding either with a chisel, saw or hammer/pry bar and infuse borate into the hole. Borate is a timber chemical as well as it can be pierced midway into the wood to be secured over with epoxy. Borate generally permeates right into the wood as well as will reduce rot/decay in the future. Utilizing an epoxy primer– brush it on the timber that has actually been revealed. Permit a 10-20 min completely dry time and after that wipe away any kind of excess with a rag. Use the epoxy with a putty knife and sculpt very carefully overtop the topped location and permit to dry. Prime with an acrylic primer, as well as paint over the epoxy with two layers of paint.