How to paint aluminum siding with a roller?


Use masking tape and sections of plastic sheeting to protect all important items and areas adjacent to the siding. After you finish painting, remove the tape as soon as possible. If it sticks you may have a lot of extra work.
The main steps are laid out below:
– apply primer to the metal. Cover the entire surface. Wait for the primer to dry (at least 4 hours).
– apply acrylic facade paint. First, use a brush to paint over all the crevices and edges. After that, start working with the roller. After pouring a few inches of paint into the tray, dip it into the roller. Each time you dip the roller into the paint tray, run the tool back and forth over the ribbed surface so that the paint is evenly distributed across the roller. It is desirable that the paint was not much. By painting the first wall, you will gain a skill. Work the roller along the long side of the siding sheet (from left to right, or up and down) Start at the top and work your way down.Continue until you apply the paint to the entire area you intend to cover.
– allow the paint to dry for at least two hours.

Please read this if you think that painting of aluminum siding is bad idea.