Cedar Siding FAQ


Cedar siding is simply siding cut from (most generally) the Western Red Cedar. Cedar siding features fantastic dimensional stability, which allows it to retain its shape while also requiring to toenailing as well as discoloring well. Western Cedar will certainly assist in maintaining heat throughout the winter season and also keeping insides cool during the summer.

How to get rid of woodpeckers on cedar siding?

Woodpeckers are all legally shielded, so they can not be legally killed without federal permission. This indicates that most control methods are some form of offense. Our recommendation would be to utilize some deterrents to try to drive away woodpeckers and also most of them. You can try:

  • Visual deterrents – hang items that will blow as well as guide in the wind to scare them away. You can try wind locks, Mylar/ reflective tape, scary-eye balloons, plastic windmills, etc
  • Netting – get a net that is utilized to safeguard fruit from birds and place in the corners of the house, ideally, to omit birds. The netting can go from the looming eve to the siding, however should be about 3 inches long to ensure that the bird doesn’t peck via it.
  • Woodpeckers may additionally be attracted to pests in the siding. the important point is that your house is checked and also treated for bugs.

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Is there a lot of maintenance involved with cedar siding?

Cedar siding definitely calls for upkeep. It is suggested that cedar siding be washed with a low-stress washer to eliminate cob internet, dirt and other dirt fragments. Cedar siding additionally needs staining every couple of years. When it’s to re-stain, there will certainly be no problem in determining. How well the siding has weathered the aspects determines exactly how frequently to re-stain. One of the most destructive aspect to cedar siding is dampness. It is suggested that you check the siding frequently and also make any type of small repair services to aid prevent moisture damage.

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How long can I expect my cedar siding to last?

Cedar siding sustains the aspects well and also if preserved effectively can last years. Some manufacturers use warranties of 25 years or more. Cedar is categorized as a sturdy type. The correct application of a finish coat will certainly enable cedar siding to last for decades. Just like all wood, stay clear of having the cedar siding touch the ground as this can shorten the life span of cedar.

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Is cedar siding expensive?

old wood siding house wall

Cedar siding is considered as having a mid to high range expense and considering that there is maintenance required with cedar siding that needs also to be absorbed to account when figuring out the overall price.

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