Best ways to clean vinyl siding


As you’ll observe, one of the best parts about choosing vinyl siding is that it’s easy to clean and maintain. And as guaranteed, let’s take a look at some particular ideas and methods you can utilize to keep your vinyl siding in pristine shape.

How to clean vinyl siding without a pressure washer?

The best method to clean vinyl siding is by using homemade cleansing options and soft fabrics or microfiber towels. This will assist you remove dirt and gunk without scratching or damaging the actual siding. Some excellent cleaning options include:

Mix 70 percent water and 30 percent white vinegar together to make a great all-purpose cleaner that’s easy on vinyl. The vinegar can cut through practically any mark or stain– even light mold and mildew.
If you require a more powerful service, try one quart liquid laundry bleach, one gallon of water, one-third cup powdered laundry cleaning agent, and two-thirds cup powdered household cleaner.
If you have landscaping directly below your siding and are afraid of hurting your plants, you may want to utilize an alternative service. This cleansing solution utilizes one gallon of water combined with a cup of oxygen bleach. The oxygen bleach does a good task cleaning up the vinyl, however presents no risk to plant life.
Clorox in fact makes an outdoor bleach that’s for vinyl. “Dilute it according to the maker’s instructions,” states Abe Gal, owner of a Florida home cleaning business. “Spray it on and let it sit for a couple of minutes and after that wipe it off.”
Go ahead and offer them a shot if you’re comfortable with some of these methods. And if you only need a light cleansing, you may be able to get away with absolutely nothing more than a scrubber and some water.

Pressure Washing

When cleaning this way, another very effective option is pressure washing– though you do have to be a little bit more careful. It’s best to inspect your maker’s suggestions and warranty info prior to going this path. They should offer you with some things or suggestions to avoid.

If you do pick to pressure clean your vinyl siding, ensure you keep the stream at eye level and pointed straight at the siding. You risk driving water behind the siding if you point the stream at an angle. Along this same note, be really careful around pipes windows, doors and connections.

When pressure washing, only utilize cleansing solutions that are safe for vinyl. Avoid using anything that has natural solvents, bleach, liquid grease remover, pure chlorine, and comparable active ingredients.

Getting Rid Of Mold and Mildew

If you have mold or mildew on your vinyl siding, you’ll need to take a more strategic method to your cleansing. Attempt a product that’s specifically made for killing outside mold and mildew– such as Wet & Forget outside.

You can also utilize bleach to kill mold and mildew on your vinyl siding, however ensure you water it down to the right concentration. One quart of household bleach to one gallon of water is ideal– however you must damage it much more if possible. And in order to safeguard landscaping around the house, wet or cover these plants prior to application.

Considering that you do not necessarily want to remain in direct contact with bleach, attempt utilizing a pump sprayer. Work from top to bottom and after that enable the option to set on the siding for roughly 10 minutes. After the time passes, scrub the siding with a soft bristle brush and rinse the solution off with a garden tube.

How to clean vinyl siding with bleach.


  1. Wet down surrounding plants and landscaping with plain water. Cover them with plastic sheeting for further protection. Bleach can cause damage to plants and landscaping.
  2. Close all doors and windows to the house. Switch off the power to exterior electrical systems. Get rid of outdoor furniture, toys and other products from the area that may be harmed by the bleach. Cover exposed electric outlets with duct tape.
  3. Spray down the siding with plain water from the garden hose. Use a high-pressure nozzle on the garden pipe to remove loose dirt and particles.
  4. Fill a tidy, empty garden sprayer with a chlorine bleach and water mix. Use three parts warm water to one part bleach.
  5. Operate in 3- to 5-foot sections when cleansing. This will prevent the bleach mix from drying onto the siding prior to washing.
  6. Spray a generous quantity of the bleach mix onto the siding. Leave the solution on the siding for about five minutes.
  7. Scrub the siding with a long-handled soft scrub brush. Start at the bottom of your home and work your way towards the top.
  8. Wash the siding with plain water from the garden pipe. Repeat this procedure, working in 3- to 5-foot sections, up until all of the siding has actually been cleaned up. Prevent letting the bleach mix dry onto the siding before rinsing.

How to clean vinyl siding without killing plants?

While we do not endorse nor advise any particular brand of cleaner, there are some that are known to be reliable and environmentally safe.

  1. Clorox Outdoor Beach – Clorox says this product will not damage plants “when used as directed,” but encourages users to rinse the plant afterward.
  2. Scotts Outdoor Cleaner with OxyClean – Starts dealing with contact and is safe to utilize around animals, plants, and lawn furniture.
  3. Simple Green – This non-corrosive, non-acidic item will clean many kinds of surfaces without harming plants and landscaping.
  4. Vinegar – White vinegar is one of the very best cleaners and will not harm plants; in fact, your plants that need acidity will flourish!

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